Heizenrader Leverages Technology Innovation to Provide Immediate Access to More than Cadaver - Like Anatomy Education

Heizenrader has partnered with Zygote to leverage the precision and detail of a complete library of medically accurate anatomy to deliver clinically-based virtual reality medical education.

Publishing VR for medical training and education content supplemental to cadavers or, in some cases, complete substitution of cadavers requires the utmost attention to detail provided in the 3D models used by Heizenrader.

Using VR to teach anatomy inspires and motivates students to learn and understand more comprehensively how the body functions.


Comprehensive library of 3D clinical cases covering all seven systems of the human anatomy.

Content can be used to supplement or complement cadaver education or be used in place of absent cadaver access.

Using innovative technology to realize the full potential of anatomy education demands the detail Heizenrader provides for their mixed reality medical training and education.

“The heart doesn’t beat in a cadaver. You can’t understand how valves work. You can’t observe joint movements.”

Dr. Neil Mehta, Assistant Dean of Education Informatics and Technology, Cleveland Clinic

Connect with Heizenrader content from a VR, mobile or desktop application store to explore the complete offering of clinical anatomy education.