Mixed Reality Education Platform

Design and build your own curriculum, organize courses and lessons, and easily distribute anywhere in the world for VR, desktop, and mobile device technology.

Immersive Learning

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Our unique platform unlocks the powerful potential of virtual reality, enabling learners to experience an unprecedented level of immersion in medical environments from a remote location.

VR, Desktop, & Mobile

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Extend the reach of your platform and allow learners to experience VR wherever accessible. When not available, lessons can be accessed and viewed on desktop and mobile devices.

Authoring & Analytics

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Compose your own custom tutorials and trainings, or use our instructional designer resources to build a virtual simulation. Review analytics to gain key insights to improve curriculum and outcomes.

Huge 3D Library

Access to a gigantic library of 3D anatomy, clinical cases, capital equipment, and more.

Tethered Learning Experiences

Connect in virtual reality with educators and other students, regardless of your current physical location on the globe.

Accredited Curriculum

Accreditation is available through our XR learning platform, recognized by leading accreditation organizations.

Immersive Learning

Why Customers Love our EducationXR Platform

Our purpose is to improve the experience of education and training through mixed reality technology. Our immersive learning experiences dramatically increase the learners’ retention and empathy. We believe talent is everywhere, though opportunity is not. Our XR platform extends the reach of medical education to anywhere on the globe.

Mobile + Medical

Native solutions with maximum impact
Our team combines the most impactful aspects of contemporary technologies to build powerful tools for healthcare professionals; tools that actually work in the real world and deliver meaningful outcomes for providers and their patients. We dive deep into the challenges providers face every day to uncover the optimal solutions for specific use cases, seamlessly blending mobile devices, machine learning, and mixed reality into optimal solutions for highly specialized needs.




Curriculum Builder

Create and publish VR training in minutes
VR and AR have made it possible for educators to create immersive, interactive learning experiences that are accessible from anywhere in the physical world. Until now, these experiences were costly and time-consuming to produce and distribute. Our Mixed Reality Curriculum Builder tears down those barriers so educators, trainers, and leaders can now publish VR educational content and distribute it globally in a matter of minutes.

K-12, Pre-med, & Beyond

Medical training for every age
Opportunities in medical training and education are no longer limited by geographic access. VR and AR have already displaced a number of traditional, cadaver-based curricula. Converting curricula over to virtual cadavers not only extends the reach of the educators geographically, it also saves institutions a tremendous amount of money while deepening physiological comprehension by revealing the operations of living organs.


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Founder, President

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Partner, Chief Technology Officer

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