Heizenrader is the Leader in Virtual Reality Medical Training and Education

We are using our mixed reality curriculum builder to publish clinical anatomy VR education content, capital equipment medical training, and surgical procedure simulations.

For years, Heizenrader has been using Zygote’s medically-accurate 3D anatomy to create superior AR + VR mixed reality medical training and education content for world-leading medical institutions and device manufactures including Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic and Medtronic.

Heizenrader is supporting medical device manufacturer and medical institution demand by providing maximum value for AR + VR medical education.


virtual reality medical training

Distribute educational content to VR headsets, desktop computers, and mobile devices and improve learning outcomes with real-time data insights and user analytics.

mixed reality medical training

Leverage Zygote’s expansive library of medically-accurate 3D anatomy and offer peer-to-peer “tethered” VR learning experiences.

A robust application services layer including user provisioning, authentication, and secure, redundant storage with seamless 1-click app installation & updates.

Heizenrader provides the only VR-based learning platform of its kind, empowering educators, institutions, and organizations to deliver accredited, cadaver-less curriculum to all parts of the globe in an instant. Students gain access to an ever-expanding content library covering 3D clinical anatomy and medical capital equipment in a truly immersive learning environment where they can interact with objects and human educators in real-time, from anywhere in the world.


“With this platform, students will get a better education than they’ve ever been able to get before.”
Andrew Moan  —  Clinical General Manager of Medical Devices, Cleveland Clinic


“Heizenrader is providing solutions that legitimize virtual reality within the medical education community.”
Cory Heizenrader  —  CEO, Heizenrader


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