EducationXR Platform

Immersive, mixed reality education distributed for VR, desktop, and mobile devices.

Immersive Learning

Create immersive, mixed reality educational content with XRAuthor
  • Create step-by-step, guided lessons for an intuitive learning experience
  • Add depth to lessons with interactive media attachments
  • Engage learners with interactive to-do items and competency checks
  • Immersive, 3D lessons can be distributed to VR headsets, desktops, and mobile devices
Educational Content

Curriculum Management System

User Permissions

Add and manage users. Organize users into groups and distribute curriculum accordingly. 

Redundant Storage

3D educational content libraries are valuable assets and are protected accordingly.

Distribution Management

Publish 3D educational content and distribute everywhere around the globe from a branded app store experience.

Content Management

Add, edit, and update educational content for multiple apps from a single location. 

Identity Services

A turn-key identity management implementation that covers users and groups.

Tethering Services

Occupy a shared virtual space with colleagues and educators to discuss lessons and content.

Provisioning Services

Easily add or remove access to content based on a number of predetermined variables.

Analytics Services

Fine-tune lesson material by identifying common pitfalls and abandonment points.

Content Distribution

Multi-Device App Store

Your production-quality lesson content needs to reach as many users as possible. As incredible as a VR experience is, the required VR hardware is a serious distribution bottleneck. We’ve simplified the content distribution issue by making all lesson content available on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Multiple Device Types

Distribution to VR headsets, Desktop computers, Tablets, and Mobile devices

Custom-Branded App Store

Distribute your educational content through a private app store, branded specifically for your organization.

1-click Installation & Updates

Users can easily keep track of their downloaded content and keep it up to date.

Multi-user Tethering

Shared Learning Experiences

Guided instruction. Interactive group learning. Global barriers eliminated. We’re expanding the reach of medical educational content.

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