Heizenrader Virtual Reality Medical Training and Education Connects Students and Teachers Around the Globe

Heizenrader uses remote connectivity technology with our AR + VR mixed healthcare training platform to give students and instructors the ability to connect remotely.

Heizenrader enables institutions and medical device manufacturers to reach a broader audience at a significantly lower cost by leveraging the remote connectivity feature of their mobile, desktop, and VR solution.

With remote connectivity, Heizenrader is creating superior value for VR medical training and education.


Enables students to remotely receive medical training and education from reputable medical institutions and device manufacturers.

Students get access to cadaver-like anatomy education where cadaver access may be limited or not exist.

Students can connect remotely with teachers within VR environment to learn from instructors in real-time.

Medical institutions can leverage Heizenrader’s mobile, desktop and VR medical training and education platform to connect with students around the globe. Provisioning and authentication features allow institutions to capture student feedback and engage live to discuss anatomy.

“This will enable new student populations who don’t have access to this education, who don’t have access to cadavers.” 

Andrew Moan, Clinical General Manager – Virtual and Augmented Reality, Medical Devices, Cleveland Clinic

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