The world is being taken by storm by virtual reality technology and with good reason. This technology allows us to create our own reality and expand our minds in 3D. People are truly fascinated with the idea of being able to travel to new digital realms with this amazing technology. However, there are plenty of people that don’t fully comprehend virtual reality technology and what it is capable of. Possibilities like mixed reality training or VR to teach anatomy. This has led to several myths getting spread around about the technology. This article will touch on some of those common myths and debunk them.

Virtual Reality Will Make You Nauseous

The first myth we will discuss is the belief that using virtual reality will make you nauseous. The brain is a complicated organ and, sometimes, when it is overwhelmed with stimuli, it can cause us to feel sick or unwell. Consider the fact that with applications such as VR medical training, you are only using your eyes to discern certain things about your situation. This can cause motion sickness for some people depending on the virtual reality program they are using, but it’s not true that virtual reality will make you nauseous in all cases. For many people, adjusting to virtual reality only takes a few minutes.

Virtual Reality Is Only for Entertainment Purposes

Many people think that virtual reality is only for videogames and entertainment purposes. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as there are new applications for VR technology, such as virtual reality medical education, that come up every day. For example, medical schools are now implementing virtual reality coursework that allows students to learn about the human anatomy in 3D. Surgeons are using virtual reality technology to map out their most complex procedures. Businesses are using virtual reality to connect with workers around the world. The applications for virtual reality are truly amazing and it’s not just technology meant for entertaining us.

Virtual Reality Is New Technology

A common conception about virtual reality technology is that it is a new concept. Virtual reality has actually been around for a few decades. The technology has obviously improved over the years, but it was actually first introduced in the 1960s. Since then, organizations like NASA and the U.S. Air Force have used virtual and mixed reality for training purposes. It has become more prominent in recent years as well since the programming and technology have improved dramatically. Virtual reality is definitely not a new technology but some of the clever applications and uses for VR are new.